Settling in to Cell Block 7

8 thoughts on “Settling in to Cell Block 7”

  1. Wow is so exciting to hear your adventure. It looks a little bit like my home!!PR. Love you guys miss uou but so wxcited for you at the same tine!!


  2. Wow don’t get too acustomed to having your laundry washed & folded. Brandi’s probably trilled with that. 😂 Hope you can escape cell block 7 soon …Did you find a car yet?


  3. You guys make me laugh especially the laundry part it’s so funny and to be honest with you your sale looks pretty nice compared to the ones that I’m seeing here please ask if sharing your stories they’re really entertaining and we miss you guys I’m still thinking I’m going to see you guys on Saturday or the next meeting have fun and now say hi everyone over there for me.😁


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